Here at LifeBridge, we have seven core values that define who we are and what we do as a church. Those core values are Presence, People, Friendliness, Fellowship. Goals, Work and Generosity.  The first has to do with our upward relationship with God, and the rest have to do with our "outward" relationship with others.



We value connection to God above all else.
We value the leading of the Holy Spirit. He is in the Driver’s seat. We want to know Who He is and what He is doing. Our worship songs are open invitations and responses to His felt presence.


Like our Father, we love people.

All people. We are ethnically, financially, politically, and age diverse. This is not something we aspire to-it is who we currently are. We reject things that divide. We pursue things that unite. We feel compelled to show our love by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Friendliness is in our DNA.

Our guests routinely tell us we are friendly, accepting, and warm. We purposefully create a “connecting” environment at first contact, then follow up with concierge kindness…not because we feel obligated, but because we are genuinely excited to invite and include all people.


We are fellowship-prone.

You are likely to hear this referred to as “KOINONIA”, which means fellowship that connects people to people, with Jesus at the center. We show up early to fellowship. It’s common for many of us to hang around for an hour or so after service, just because we like each other. Our Wednesday evening Bible sessions are an extension of this value, as well as our small groups.


We have a massive God-breathed vision.
We take risks. We are content but not satisfied. We intend to use the unique advantages God has given us to connect our region to Jesus. We are persistent. We are resilient. We sometimes back up but never give up. We operate from the principle that “There has got to be a way!” We know that, “with God, all things are possible.”


We value hard work because God does. Proverbs 14:23

We show our faith by improving our material and spiritual surroundings. We serve each other by visiting those who are sick, comforting those who are grieving, encouraging the lonely, and ensuring that our worship services function with the same excellence with which they are formed.


We believe giving is an act of worship.

Jesus is King over our finances and places us as stewards over His income. We ask big, pray big, and expect big things to come as we operate with a passion for God's purpose. We give back to launch new opportunities to make Jesus famous in all of the earth.